Improving the quality of your life

Reconstructive surgery can be debilitating, many times literally taking you off your feet. But even if it's a shoulder or elbow that's affected, you're still not 100%. It takes awhile to become you again.

At Kinex Medical Company, we understand your desire to get back to enjoying the activities you love and miss. And, yes, getting back to your daily routines.

For more than 30 years we have been helping improve the quality of life for people just like you.

Our unique continuous passive motion (CPM) equipment and related devices aid in the safe and speedy recovery during that crucial first six weeks following surgery. We have become experts in Phase 1 rehabilitation because that's all we do.

Kinex durable medical equipment products are valued by everyone involved in the Phase 1 rehabilitation process.

Doctors have come to trust the reliability and safety of Kinex equipment. They are comforted knowing that all equipment is set up and adjusted by highly trained staff. Their patients are taken care of by support staff available 24/7.

Medical equipment distributors are proud to represent products and a company that delivers as promised day in and day out all across the United States.

Most importantly, you will once again regain the freedom and quality of life you deserve.

Do you need Phase 1 rehabilitation equipment? Turn to the firm that set the standard in home durable medical equipment, and especially CPM.

Turn to Kinex Medical Company. Call us today at 800-845-6364.

Putting the life back into your lifestyle