"Kinex has gone above and beyond"

Dr. McCluskey,


I, wanted to let you know how much Kinex has gone above and beyond regarding [our patient's] Kinex chair.  Because Kinex’s nearest rep is at least 3 hours away and is not familiar with our setup, this Wed 6/26, Kinex is flying one of our local reps up to Indianapolis to personally set up her chair which is being shipped to the [patient's] house this week.  This was worked out with our local people Amy and Heather, along with and Mike Buckholdt the Kinex CEO. 


Mike,  Amy, and Heather -  thank you so very very much for going way above and beyond for getting [our patient] the best care possible.  We really appreciate all you do in support of us and our shoulder patients.  You guys are the best!


Bryce Gaunt  PT, SCS