"I attribute my successful outcome to our great surgeon and the KinexCONNECT"


My surgeon does not typically order CPM following a TKR, however my wife thought it would be a good idea to request one. She recalled that CPM was very helpful in her TKR recovery two years ago.


I'm glad that we chose to request a CPM device. We were provided with a KinexCONNECT knee CPM and have been thrilled with it's performance. I have found that using my CONNECT at bedtime helps me to fall asleep and results in me feeling considerably less stiff in the mornings. At just under four weeks post surgery, I have managed a flexion of 115 degrees. I am now able to walk with a cane only and shower independently. And, I believe that by using the CONNECT device, I have been able to reduce my dependency on pain medication.


In addition to my CPM work, I receive Physical Therapy sessions twice a week. I mentioned my success with the CPM to my PT and he was quick to share his appreciation.  He told me that my use of the CPM allowed him to focus more on strengthening rather than on my range of motion.


-Wisconsin Patient