Linda's Story

Title: Kinex Patient Highlight

Text: "This is Linda. She's got a new knee. How did her KinexCONNECT rehab go?"

Linda: "I'm Linda H. and I'm a nurse. I recently had Total Knee Surgery ... scared to death actually going into it, not gonna lie. I come home after the surgery, everything went great. Wonderful doctor, wonderful procedure, everything went great. I got home, and I was like what am I doing here? And this wonderful machine, it's a passive range of motion. I started on that because I knew that I had to get my knee moving. I don't want it to freeze I knew there were things that I had to actually get going and do and so this machine was available by Kinex and it's amazing. Put your leg in it. It's strapped down and you can sit there and actually allow it to rest your leg is at rest but it's moving and with this movement your knee is actually keeping from being static. It is a wonderful... you're not using necessarily accessory muscles but you are working them. With that comes what? Blood flow. With that comes oxygen. With that comes healing. So I am here to tell you that it has been amazing. I use it at least twice a day, sometimes three, for about anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes a day. And sometimes a little bit more. I've done it a little bit more even if I felt like I needed to catch up on my exercise. With the first week I was actually ahead of schedule. And they transitioned me, Physical Therapy did, to a walker, and from there I ended up going from a walker the next week to a cane. So I was ending up the whole time a week ahead of therapy as scheduled. That gives you a certain amount of self-confidence that you're doing the right thing. And, I will say that the partnership with this device is also an ice machine and I'm not gonna lie when you get done with your exercises I don't care if you're going up and down the stairs or if you finish the passive range of motion from Kinex, or if you're coming back from Physical Therapy you put that ice machine on, it's amazing. This particular machine, the ice machine, that accompanies with this range of motion by Kinex is the perfect partnership for healing. Because you can sit down, put this ice machine on, and right over your wound, and your area that's swollen, and for 20 30 minutes or so, and it takes away the swelling, you've got it elevated and it's just it's just amazing together as a component. It reduces the swelling and makes you feel better. At the two week mark, I was actually doing squats at the kitchen sink. I didn't use the cane as much. I was able to walk around do stuff around the house, like cooking. I was doing laundry. And so you feel like as long as you're able to self-care then that's a step forward too in the psychological aspect of your healing."

Text: "Way to go Linda! You rock!"

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Toba's Story

Title: Kinex Patient Highlight

Text: "This is Toba. She's got a new knee. How did her KinexCONNECT rehab go?"

Toba: "I'm Toba. I had a Total Knee Replacement on October 20th. I used the Kinex knee machine and it helped me gain mobility quickly and semi-painlessly. I was able to get a range of motion. I began the exercises quickly. I started at about a 60 range of motion and my husband would put me on it every night - really a couple of times a day. And I really had no pain with it at all. When you have the surgery they do put you on your feet quickly. But this even adds to your physical therapy. They gave me physical therapy the first day in the hospital and got me up. But I didn't - It was a long weekend - so I didn't start the real physical therapy so this was just an enhancement to it. I was able to go to the restroom, go to the kitchen, and get my coffee or tea, and I didn't have to depend on my husband so much because I had that added range of motion, because of this. And the thing I loved about it so much, was that it was comfortable. You could just lay in bed and it did the work for you. When people came over, I would turn it on and just lay here and chat with them. I would recommend it to anyone who has the surgery. I kind of miss being on it. I would ask for it. I would ask my husband, "it's time to put me on my machine." I've suggested it to friends who've told me they're having knee replacements. I've suggested it to them - a friend that lives in Chicago and I said, "Cheryl, you need to ask for this machine, it really speeds up the healing time." When I did go to the Physical Therapist, for my 30-minute sessions, three times a week he was amazed I mean, he said that, you know, I was like his star patient. I did everything quickly. So I give the credit to the machine. I mean I'm a 70-year-old woman. I don't think I have any extra abilities and I'm certainly not a great exerciser."

Text: "Way to go Toba! You rock!"

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Lisa's Story

Title: Kinex Patient Highlight

Text: "This is Lisa. She's got a new knee. How did her KinexCONNECT rehab go?"

Lisa: "I got the machine. I got on it usually got on it two or three times a day for an hour to two hours. Loved using the iPad (tablet) to have total control of the movement. I would start off low and increase it as much as I could and got to the point where I got it to bend 120 degrees, which prior to surgery would not go 90 degrees. So, it was a big help in actually making me sit down and do the bending without too much pain. And I enjoyed being able to see the progress and work up to getting it bent to 120 degrees."

Text: "Way to go Lisa! You rock!"

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Mr. Edward's Story

Title: Kinex Patient Highlight

Text: "This is Mr.Edwards. He's got a new knee. How did his KinexCONNECT rehab go?"

Mr. Edwards: "I think everyone that's had a knee replacement should have one of them immediately to help them get back on their feet quickly. 123 (degrees) yesterday at physical therapy."

Text: "Well done Mr. E! Solid ROM!"

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"I am pleased to write this letter on behalf of TJ Kleen and the Kinex Connect knee CPM. I am an orthopedic surgeon practicing in the BPCI Model 2 program. Using this tool has saved money in the bundle and continued to have excellent results.


As patients move to the home faster these days the KinexCONNECT allows my patients to do their rehabilitation in the home setting and has resulted in patients being more actively engaged in the rehabilitation process. The video-based therapy exercises and daily medical question monitoring have been very valuable tools in avoiding readmissions. It has proven to be a cost-effective alternative and I have been able to reduce costs on outpatient physical therapy and home health while experiencing no decline in the quality of outcomes. Patients have been very happy and have reported having a great experience. I would encourage anyone to use the KinexCONNECT knee CPM.


My patients have loved working with TJ and he has been great with my staff. He keeps track of details and communicates with my nurses. I recommend TJ highly. He is a go-getter."


-Barron R, B, Bremner, D.O.
Diplomate American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons

"Dr. McCluskey,

I wanted to let you know how much Kinex has gone above and beyond regarding [our patient's] Kinex chair.  Because Kinex’s nearest rep is at least 3 hours away and is not familiar with our setup, this Wed 6/26, Kinex is flying one of our local reps up to Indianapolis to personally set up her chair which is being shipped to the [patient's] house this week.  This was worked out with our local people Amy and Heather, along with and Mike Buckholdt the Kinex CEO. 


Mike,  Amy, and Heather -  thank you so very very much for going way above and beyond for getting [our patient] the best care possible.  We really appreciate all you do in support of us and our shoulder patients.  You guys are the best!"


-Bryce Gaunt  PT, SCS

"My surgeon does not typically order CPM following a TKR, however, my wife thought it would be a good idea to request one. She recalled that CPM was very helpful in her TKR recovery two years ago.


I'm glad that we chose to request a CPM device. We were provided with a KinexCONNECT knee CPM and have been thrilled with its performance. I have found that using my CONNECT at bedtime helps me to fall asleep and results in me feeling considerably less stiff in the mornings. At just under four weeks post-surgery, I have managed a flexion of 115 degrees. I am now able to walk with a cane only and shower independently. And, I believe that by using the CONNECT device, I have been able to reduce my dependency on pain medication.


In addition to my CPM work, I receive Physical Therapy sessions twice a week. I mentioned my success with the CPM to my PT and he was quick to share his appreciation.  He told me that my use of the CPM allowed him to focus more on strengthening rather than on my range of motion."


-Wisconsin Patient

I recently had hip surgery and when asked by caring friends and family members how my recovery was going, I repeatedly found myself staring at the perplexed look on their faces as I answered “fabulous” with a big smile on my face…and yes, while any type of surgery usually causes oneself to experience a fair amount of anxiety beforehand and inevitably involves some level of pain afterward, I can truly say that my experience working with Terry and Kinex made my stress level before surgery and my recovery afterward far better and easier than I ever could have expected…from the time I met Terry, in which he was simply supposed to do you have dropped off my continuous passive motion machine, he went above and beyond not only explaining how to use the machine but the reason it would become so vital in helping me recover as I write this post-op week 8 with a fabulous hip recovering ahead of schedule

This Kinex Cold Therapy unit I used after total knee replacement was the best part of my rehab. I went into rehab fast and hard, had swelling on my leg and knee joint. After exercising I used the Kinex unit and It worked wonderful. I would use the same unit again.