Bone growth stimulators deliver low level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the injury site to help the body through the normal healing process. The most common use for these devices are for patients who have undergone back surgery like a fusion, or a fracture of an extremity such as an arm or leg. Bone growth stimulators are typically ordered by a doctor when healing is slow and the injury requires additional help to heal.


CMF SpinaLogic is a portable, battery-powered, micro-controlled, noninvasive bone growth stimulator indicated as an adjunct electromagnetic treatment to primary lumbar spinal fusion surgery for one or two levels.

Bone Growth Stimulation

CMF OL1000™

CMF OL1000 Bone Growth Stimulators are portable, battery-powered medical devices indicated for use in the noninvasive treatment of an established nonunion fracture acquired secondary to trauma, excluding all vertebrae and flat bones.

Bone Growth Stimulation