Kinex Medical Company provides upper and lower extremity-ready to wear, velcro and custom measured compression garments. These garments are designed to help your limbs battle the effects of gravity. The pressure created by compression garments helps the veins get a boost pushing blood flow back to your heart, meaning you can get those good nutrients and essential oxygen exactly where you need them when you need them.

Your Doctor/Therapist may prescribe compression for the following reasons:

- Boost circulation in your limbs

- Improve lymphatic drainage

- Diminish limb swelling

- Support veins

- Prevent blood from pooling in your veins

- Help prevent venous ulcers

- Prevent the development of DVT

- Help lessen pain caused by varicose veins

- Reverse venous hypertension

- Reduce orthostatic hypotension, which causes lightheadedness or unsteadiness when you stand

Compression Garments

Ready-To-Wear Compression

Comes in a variety of lengths, fabrics and compression levels. They are made with thinner fabric than custom made garments and are seen as more “ cosmetically appealing” to the eye. They are well suited to patients with venous disorders, blood clots and people dealing with Lymphedema/Edema where there is little to no shape distortion.


Custom Made Compression Garments

These garments are made with thicker but breathable materials and can be produced in unlimited shapes, sizes and in all four compression classes. This makes them a better fit for Lymphedema/Edema patients, who often have some degree of shape distortion in their limbs. The thicker material provides stiffness and a higher containment of Lymphedema/Edema, which also makes them less prone to rolling or cutting into skin folds that are present.


Velcro Compression Garments

The design of this garment allows you to apply or remove them at any time easier. The short-stretch material provides a therapeutic support profile with low resting pressure and high working pressure. This helps with: 1. Reduction during your therapy treatment process. Easy to adjust as the limb reduces. 2. Difficulty donning and doffing a regular style compression garment. These are easier and quicker for most patients or caregivers. 3. Post-rebound bandage of Lymphedema/Edema. 4. Skin sensitivity or fragile skin. 5. Distorted limb shape.


Tribute Night Garments

Tribute Night garments are a custom-designed Lymphedema/Edema garment which are a fundamental part of a successful Lymphedema/Edema self-management program. This means that it will help move fluid where it needs to go to prevent swelling throughout the night and maintain gains made in your therapy sessions. It also can decrease treatment time, increase compliance, stimulate initial lymphatics, protecting limbs, supporting lax tissue, and more.

Night garment_1200x1000

Looking for the right compression level for your needs? These are the compression classes available. (Please seek advice from your Doctor or Therapist)

-15 to 20 mmHg: This is considered moderate compression, and can help prevent deep vein thrombosis or prevent leg/arm swelling for those traveling by airplane or long road trips.

-20 to 30 mmHg: This level of compression can be used to help prevent and treat varicose veins, edema and blood clots.

-30+ mmHg: Compression that measures 30 mmHg or above is often seen in a post-surgical situation or used for a patient with severe lymphedema/edema.

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