Kinex offers the full line of DonJoy knee braces. See below for more information on the individual products.

DonJoy Armor FourcePoint™

The Armor FourcePoint offers uncompromised strength and a shield of injury protection that allows athletes to compete at their highest level. The steel reinforced hinge plate delivers additional strength, while the low profile FourcePoint hinge and internally mounted straps promote bilateral use that won’t impede performance.

  • Designed for active adolescents and adults
  • Ideal for those involved in contact sports, extreme sports, and highly active lifestyles
  • Stabilizes moderate to severe ACL instabilities
  • Can be used after ACL reconstructions
  • Also for use with MCL/LCL instabilities, hyperextensions, and for prophylactic use
  • Available in standard calf or short calf frames
Knee Brace

DonJoy FullForce™

Created for all activity levels, the FULLFORCE knee brace is lightweight with a sleek, low profile. It is the go-to prefabricated brace for competitive and recreational athletes.

  • Backed by DonJoy’s Knee Guarantee Program™
  • 1-year warranty on frame and hinges
  • Clinically proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System provides ligament stability and significantly reduces ACL strain
  • Patented FourcePoint hinge technology increases flexion angles and reduces anterior shear forces on the tibia, leading to less strain on the ACL and a significant decrease in the chance of injury
  • Internally mounted swiveling strap tabs accommodate leg movement
  • Swooping thigh cuff for inner thigh clearance and bilateral brace use
  • Custom-made for individual patient measurements

DonJoy A22™ Custom Knee Brace

Uncompromised engineering delivers the world’s first titanium brace that strikes the perfect balance of weight, strength and profile..

  • Anti-microbial coating helps neutralize odor while increasing comfort
  • Cushioning cells absorb shock, while promoting stability and proper fit
  • Aerodynamic integration of straps and liners facilitate comfort, speed, and cadence

DonJoy Defiance III®

DonJoy’s flagship custom knee ligament brace offers a custom fit for every athlete. Defiance III is DonJoy’s strongest knee brace, constructed of lightweight carbon fiber composite and offering a low-profile design that fits under clothing and sports uniforms.

  • Available in more than 40 frame colors and graphics
  • Features swivel strap tabs and a medial swooping thigh
  • Diagonal bend on the inside of the thigh provides clearance for the other leg or other objects
  • Clinically proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System™
  • Custom fabricated with 24-hour turnaround time
  • Patented, clinically-proven FourcePoint™ hinge
  • Strong, lightweight carbon composite frame
  • High strength stainless steel gears, recommended for contact sports
  • ACL, PCL, or CI strap configurations

DonJoy Playmaker II

The Playmaker II provides stability and comfort to promote movement. This brace is enhanced with high tenacity nylon/spandex fabric that offers unmatched comfort and fit.

  • Proven DIII hinge brings custom design to manage ROM options
  • Advanced spacer fabric promotes a cool environment for all levels of activity
  • Molded strap tabs allow quick and easy strap adjustments to deliver a secure and comfortable fit

DonJoy OA Nano™

OA Nano™ offers industry-leading high-tech comfort and pain relief for patients with knee osteoarthritis. Flexible magnesium frame allows for an intimate fit, while the Nano MAG material provides strength when offloading. The OA Nano allows patients with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis to stay active and move freely.

  • Custom and patient-ready
  • 90-day test drive offer
  • “Ease of Use” commendation from The Arthritis Foundation
  • Light-as-air brace stays in place during various activity levels

DonJoy OA Reaction Web™

The OA Reaction Web™ knee brace is a unique and effective way to treat osteoarthritis knee pain using patented silicone web technology. The easy-to-wear open framework is designed for a comfortable, non-slip fit.

  • Breathable, open framework
  • Soft silicone condyle pad
  • Patented silicone web design provides shock absorption and mild offload
  • Includes undersleeve
  • Low profile design can be worn under pants, skirt, or with exercise clothing
  • Four-way, adjustable wraparound design offers a comfortable, custom fit

DonJoy OA FULLFORCE Knee Brace

OA FULLFORCE is DonJoy’s lightest OA knee brace that offloads the affected compartment of the knee while reducing ligament strain. It allows active patients to move more with less pain.

  • Lightweight frame provides a snug, comfortable fit for maximum knee function
  • The 4-Poins-of-Leverage™ system keeps the knee stable and minimizes further cartilage damage
  • 90-day test drive offer