KinexConnect CPM

A tablet-powered rehab system that uses real-time data to improve patient compliance, maintain clinical outcomes and decrease costs for total knee replacements. The KinexConnect pairs a traditional CPM machine with an Android tablet. The tablet controls the machine while it collects, stores and reports utilization and outcome data.

Our next-generation knee rehab system helps physicians stay connected with patients, allowing them to be discharged faster. Physicians will be more confident in their ability to meet or exceed pay-for-performance requirements under the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model.

Consistency and Convenience

The CJR model requires physicians to provide less costly, better-coordinated care. KinexConnect offers convenient, in-home care with daily electronic monitoring. It removes human error and discretion from the compliance equation.

Quality Outcomes

KinexConnect offers the same or better outcomes as traditional PT. Pre-loaded custom instructional videos, illustrations and motivational tools improve patient accountability. Daily physician monitoring and interaction with the tablet helps eliminate unnecessary ER admissions.

Data & Cost Savings

Using data and interactive functionality, KinexConnect can dramatically reduce spending in the costly post-acute space. KinexConnect helps providers meet or exceed CJR benchmarks.