Title: KinexCONNECT Overview

Dialogue: "Game changer. Revolutionary. The KinexCONNECT is a tablet-powered knee CPM device that uses technology and data to turn traditional rehab on its head. The KinexCONNECT is a cutting-edge therapy tool from the leader in CPM. It revolutionizes patient compliance and it can help you control costs as you face bundled payments. Now you can prescribe a customized, video-based, home exercise program that can reduce traditional PT by 5-8 sessions or $550 to $900 per case. Movement is the key to faster, better outcomes for total knee replacement patients. Regardless of the setting, patients need to move after surgery to avoid complications. CPM is the cheapest, safest, and most effective way to restore range of motion after surgery. As bundled payments shift more responsibility for outcomes and costs to providers you must achieve similar or better outcomes at lower costs. But with traditional rehab protocols, your payments will stay flat or even decrease. How can you achieve the same or better outcomes while reducing costly services? You can do both with KinexCONNECT. KinexCONNECT pairs conventional knee CPM with an Android tablet. The tablet controls the machine and collects, stores, and reports utilization data. It can help improve compliance, maintain outcomes, and decrease costs for total knee replacement patients. The user-friendly tablet features large buttons and intuitive commands that control the CPM with ease. Older patients will find it easier to use than a traditional remote control model. In the comfort of their own homes patients master diagnosis-specific, custom exercises. The built-in app includes preloaded instructional videos, daily progress tracking, built-in motivational tools, and the ability to take photos of the surgical incision. The result? Significant compliance improvements, reduced PT visits, and reduced costs. Meanwhile, Kinex becomes an extension of your practice. Important contact information is at patient's fingertips. While our Kinex technicians monitor individual patient progress in real time. We can even connect the tablet via voice-over IP allowing the patient to directly contact Kinex right from the tablet. Patients who struggle with therapy will receive timely interventions to help them get back on track. Using powerful data, we know when to intervene before it's too late. During the therapy period customized reporting also helps you monitor the progress of individual patients. You can receive automated progress notes and a variety of reports, graphs, and charts with data you want. And our preloaded outcome tools let us collect and report data not only to you but to hospitals, private insurance companies, and Medicare. After CPM therapy is complete, The KinexCONNECT lets us handle all the necessary Paperwork, right on the app. Reducing errors and improving the revenue cycle. KinexCONNECT is cutting-edge, data-driven, home-based care. Prescribing KinexCONNECT for your total knee replacement patients leads to improved utilization, similar or better outcomes, and reduced costs. KinexCONNECT changes the game. How can we help you fit KinexCONNECT into your total knee replacement treatment protocol?

What is KinexCONNECT?

KinexCONNECT is a total knee replacement rehabilitation or TKR rehabilitation system that uses real-time data to improve patient compliance, maintain clinical outcomes and decrease costs for total knee replacements. The KinexCONNECT pairs a traditional CPM machine with an Android tablet. The tablet controls the machine while it collects, stores and reports utilization and outcome data.

Our next-generation knee rehab system helps physicians stay connected with patients, allowing them to be discharged faster. Physicians will be more confident in their ability to meet or exceed pay-for-performance requirements under the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model.

Quality Outcomes

KinexCONNECT offers the same or better outcomes as traditional PT. Pre-loaded custom instructional videos, illustrations and motivational tools improve patient accountability. Daily physician monitoring and interaction with the tablet helps eliminate unnecessary ER admissions.

Consistency and Convenience

The CJR model requires physicians to provide less costly, better-coordinated care. KinexCONNECT offers convenient, in-home care with daily electronic monitoring. It removes human error and discretion from the compliance equation.

Data & Cost Savings

Using data and interactive functionality, KinexCONNECT can dramatically reduce spending in the costly post-acute space. KinexConnect helps providers meet or exceed CJR benchmarks.

Benefits to Providers, Physicians, and Patients

Insurance Providers

  • Reduced total cost of care
  • Measurable impact
  • No change to existing workflow
  • Improved ability to serve remote populations
  • Increased member satisfaction


  • Higher value profiles with payers
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Customized protocols and communication
  • Equivalent outcomes
  • Reduced complications


  • Lower patient liability
  • Convenience of rehab at home
  • Improved connectivity with surgeon
  • Equivalent outcomes
  • Reduced complications

Patient Experience


Rehab Status Dashboard

  • Navigate to CPM control screen, patient exercises, patient contacts, and daily health screening questions
  • View patient ROM progress

CPM Control Screen

  • Start and stop the CPM device
  • Set maximum extension and flexion ranges to align with the goals set by the patient's physician
  • Control speed of movement and pause intervals

Exercise Portal

  • Access exercises specifically tailored for the total knee replacement patient and prescribed individually by the patient's physician

Comparable Results With Reduced Costs

Traditional Protocol CostHome-centric Protocol CostOutpatient PT CostKinexConnect Protocol