Electrotherapy is the use of safe, low-level electrical current as a medical treatment. In medicine, the term electrotherapy can apply to a variety of treatments/devices. Electrotherapy is used for pain control with acute and chronic conditions, muscle stimulation for regaining strength through contraction following surgery or disuse, or bone healing following breaks or surgery. Kinex Medical company offers both sam® Sport and CMF products. Contact your Kinex representative today to learn more.

sam® Sport

sam® Ultrasound

Wearable ultrasonic soft-tissue healing and pain management device is recommended and used by tens of thousands of elite athletes, injured workers, and military personnel.

Bone Growth Stimulation

Bone Growth Stimulation

Bone growth stimulators are devices that help heal bones either after a break, fracture, or after a surgical procedure.  Bone growth stimulators deliver low level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the injury site to help the body through the normal healing process.