Kinex has two options for hand rehabilitation. The Kinetec Maestra Hand CPM and the QAL Medical 6000 X Waveflex Hand CPM. Each offers a specific range of motion to target different areas. Kinex Hand CPM therapy leads to fewer traditional PT visits and earlier returns to work and other activities.

QAL Medical 6000 X Waveflex Hand CPM

The Waveflex Hand CPM is designed for post-operative rehabilitation following a tendon repair or other soft tissue procedures. The portable, lightweight and balanced design enables wear for extended periods of time. The adjustable splint forms to the contours of the patient's arm to give comfort and stability. Finger clip attachments make the device easy to apply and remove. The splint can also be rotated 90 degrees and used for thumb flexion and extension without any additional accessories.

Kinetec Maestra Hand CPM

The Maestra Hand CPM is designed for use with post-traumatic contractures or hand stiffness following surgery or an injury. The stable platform design offers repeatable positioning and dependability. Extremely lightweight and easy to operate, the Maestra Portable Hand sets up quickly for a wide variety of indications. The anatomically-shaped drive bar, lower motor mount and dorsal positioning provide versatile and comfortable patient therapy.

Kinex Hand CPM therapy leads to fewer traditional PT visits, earlier return to work and other activities, and reduced costs following hand injuries and surgeries.

Kinex Hand CPM