Our Products

Kinex Medical Company is an orthopedic specialty product and services company focusing on delivering swift rehabilitation at the lowest possible patient cost. We’re driven to offer the most efficient and effective treatments available on the market, year over year.


Continuous Passive Motion is high-quality, cost-effective post-surgical therapy which patients can achieve in the comfort of their own homes.

Cold Therapy

Clinically proven, patients who use cold therapy may need less pain medication, and may achieve more comfortable, restful sleep.

DVT & Compression

Compression devices use mechanical systems to automatically deliver DVT prophylaxis therapy. This can reduce post-trauma edema and minimize the risk for DVT in high-risk patients.


Electrotherapy products like TENS and NMES are used to help treat pain as well as help restore function following surgery.


Kinex offers a full line of braces from leading manufacturers for a wide variety of primary joints.

Joint Contracture

Kinex offers the full line of JAS joint contracture splints to treat reduced mobility and range of motion in joints.