Kinex ThermoComp™ provides cold, contrast and compression therapies. It is designed to assist with post-operative rehabilitation in the home. The ThermoComp reduces swelling, reduces pain, and improves blood flow to the surgical site.

ThermoComp Cold Therapy™

The unique ThermoComp delivers continuous cold therapy at pre-programmed intervals, without ice. The easy-to-use system provides precise temperature control with the push of a button.

ThermoComp Contrast Therapy™

Kinex ThermoComp also provides contrast therapy, or 20 minutes of cold therapy followed by 10 minutes of heat therapy. Contrast therapy increases blood flow to the affected area and improves range of motion, which helps to reduce pain and minimize edema.

ThermoComp Compression Therapy™

Learn more about the benefits of ThermoComp compression therapy at our DVT/Compression pages.