Kinex Medical President, Mike Buckholdt, sat down with the Slice of Healthcare podcast to discuss the future of post-operative recovery, the growing importance of telerehabilitation, and how organizations can mitigate costs while improving outcomes and the patient experience.

“We started development on a telerehabilitation solution a few years before the pandemic, because we felt like it was the direction orthopedics was heading,” said Buckholdt. Today, the home healthcare movement is rapidly maturing. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions – and the market is now forecasted to be worth north of $545 billion by 2028

Its promise is manifold: the technology offers quality rehabilitation, while managing compliance in real-time, collecting data to reduce revisions and readmissions, improving outcomes, and achieving cost savings for a demonstrable ROI.

On the podcast, Buckholdt discusses all of this and more. At under 10 minutes, it is a quick listen for a lot of insight into innovations that drive quality outcomes at a cost savings. The episode covers:

  • The growing field of telerehabilitation
  • The future of rehab, according to Kinex Medical
  • How telerehabilitation can improve the patient experience and earn long-term loyalty
  • How to leverage telerehabilitation to achieve episodic cost savings and demonstrable ROI
  • The growing need to implement RPM solutions for safe and cost-effective recovery at home

Tune in today! 


For more insight into healthcare’s shifting recovery modalities and the future of recovery, check out our market report: Recovery Reimagined: Innovation in Total Knee Arthroplasty Post-Operative Recovery.