Kinex Medical Company is the largest supplier of CPM's in the US. CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) devices perform passive range of motion to a knee, shoulder, or other joint following orthopedic surgery. CPM's are typically used for 3-6 weeks after surgery to help restore extension and flexion range to the affected limb. This therapy is inexpensive and typically performed at home, allowing the patient to control frequency, duration, and intensity.


The KinexCONNECT TKR Home Rehabilitation System pairs a traditional CPM machine with an Android tablet. The tablet controls the machine while it collects, stores, and reports utilization and outcome data. Our next-generation knee rehab system helps physicians stay connected with patients, allowing them to be discharged faster.

Elbow CPM

The KE2™ Elbow CPM is a 4-point system designed to help patients safely achieve and maintain full elbow range of motion following surgery. The machine is designed to reduce patient discomfort and promote better compliance.

Shoulder CPM

The KS2™ Shoulder CPM provides Phase I rehabilitation therapy in the comfort of a patient’s home. CPM therapy is proven to provide high-quality, cost-effective care that leads to improved post-surgical outcomes.

Hand CPM

Kinex has two options for hand rehabilitation. The Kinetec Maestra Hand CPM and the QAL Medical 6000 X Waveflex Hand CPM. Each offers a specific range of motion to target different areas. Kinex Hand CPM therapy leads to fewer traditional PT visits and earlier returns to work and other activities.

About Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)

Passive range of motion is when a patient completely relaxes and allows someone or something to move their extremity through the desired range.  The opposite of passive range of motion would be active range of motion.  Active range of motion requires a person to move a joint or extremity by using their own muscular control.  The most common forms of passive range of motion are performed by human beings such as physical and occupational therapists, as well as through the use of specially designed medical devices called CPM machines.

A continuous passive motion (CPM) machine  is a machine that moves your arm, leg, or other body part through a specific range as prescribed by your doctor.  Unlike active range of motion where you move your arm or leg through muscular control, passive range of motion lets the machine do the work.  The patient relaxes during the motion, allowing the machine to help restore motion which has been limited or compromised immediately following surgery.

Passive range of motion is most commonly performed during the first 6-8 weeks following surgery, depending on the surgery performed.  It is also used to help treat stiff joints such as shoulders, knees, ankles, and hands.

Using passive range of motion can be extremely helpful in recovery following surgeries such as Total Knee or Hip Replacement, shoulder surgery, hand surgery, and other procedures.  Passive range of motion allows patients to relax and restore range of motion in the comfort of their own home.  Patients who have used passive range of motion following surgery often report decreased pain, increased mobility, increased blood flow to the affected area, higher satisfaction with their surgical outcomes, and lower rehabilitation costs.

Once your doctor orders or prescribes a continuous passive range of motion machine, the Kinex team is notified and a patient care representative will contact you to set up a delivery time. A trained professional will deliver your equipment to your home and will instruct you and/or your family on how to use the device. You are custom measured for the device to make sure it fits just right. The best part is that the patient is in control of the speed, intensity, and duration of the passive motion. Your doctor will give you guidelines and milestones to achieve, and you progress towards those goals at your own pace. You manage the controls through a handheld controller or tablet and stay in control the entire way.

Kinex Medical Company offers continuous passive motion (CPM) products nationwide, with a strong focus in the following cities and their surrounding communities: Atlanta, Georgia Charlotte, North Carolina Chattanooga, Tennessee Chicago, Illinois Dallas, Texas Las Vegas, Nevada Memphis, Tennessee Minneapolis, Minnesota New Orleans, Louisiana Orlando, Florida Seattle, Washington Tampa, Florida