Kinex ThermoComp™ provides iceless cold, contrast, and compression therapies designed to assist with post-operative rehabilitation in the home. ThermoComp™ modalities target many symptoms present following surgery including the reduction of swelling and pain along with DVT prevention.

ThermoComp™ Cold Therapy

Kinex ThermoComp™ Cold Therapy provides a precise, temperature-controlled cold modality to help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling.

ThermoComp™ Contrast Therapy

Kinex ThermoComp™ provides Contrast Therapy, or 20 minutes of cold therapy followed by 10 minutes of heat therapy. Contrast therapy increases blood flow to the affected area and improves range of motion, which helps to reduce pain and minimize edema.

ThermoComp™ Compression Therapy

Typically combined with cold, Kinex ThermoComp™ Compression Therapy offers pneumatic compression automatically delivered, mimicking manual massage to help control edema.

ThermoComp™ DVT Prevention Therapy

Kinex ThermoComp™ DVT Prevention Therapy delivers high pressure, rapid inflation pneumatic compression which stimulates ambulation to prevent blood clots.

Kinex Medical Company ThermoComp

Paired Stabilizing Orthotics

Various stabilizing orthotics may be paired with the Kinex ThermoComp™ to provide the appropriate modality to the desired area, while also offering support and control.







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