Kinex ThermoComp™ provides cold, contrast and compression therapies. It is designed to assist with post-operative rehabilitation in the home. The ThermoComp reduces swelling, reduces pain, and improves blood flow to the surgical site.

ThermoComp™ Compression Therapy

ThermoComp delivers intermittent pneumatic compression for DVT prophylaxis. It automatically delivers compression that closely mimics manual massage, reducing the likelihood of DVT for high-risk patients.

ThermoComp™ Contrast Therapy

Kinex ThermoComp also provides contrast therapy, or 20 minutes of cold therapy followed by 10 minutes of heat therapy. Contrast therapy increases blood flow to the affected area and improves range of motion, which helps to reduce pain and minimize edema.

ThermoComp™ Cold Therapy

Research indicates that compression therapy combined with cold therapy reduces pain and edema more effectively than cold therapy alone.