Title: Kinex Patient Highlight

Text: "This is Lisa. She's got a new knee. How did her KinexCONNECT rehab go?"

Lisa: "I got the machine. I got on it usually got on it two or three times a day for an hour to two hours. Loved using the iPad (tablet) to have total control of the movement. I would start off low and increase it as much as I could and got to the point where I got it to bend 120 degrees, which prior to surgery would not go 90 degrees. So, it was a big help in actually making me sit down and do the bending without too much pain. And I enjoyed being able to see the progress and work up to getting it bent to 120 degrees."

Text: "Way to go Lisa! You rock!"

End Card: Learn more about KinexCONNECT. Visit Kinexmedical.com