How many of you reading this post had ever heard of the term "social distancing" two weeks ago?

Me neither. The world that we live in changed essentially overnight. NCAA Basketball's March Madness was the biggest event for many of us to look forward to until it was canceled. St. Patrick's Day pubs & festivities around the country which are unanimously celebrated, were shut down. The stock market was at an all-time high until it became a bear market in what seemed like overnight. Unemployment was historically low, until the moment that we had to ponder how we would bail out enterprise Fortune 500 companies at the same time the government had to fund potentially 20% of the American working force filing for unemployment benefits. The world that we knew at the outset of March is not the one that we live in now.

Once our nation gets ahold of COVID-19 and the spread begins to slow, the concept of social distancing will continue.

Now more than ever Tele-medicine is the perfect solution to many medical protocols including post-surgical rehabilitation. We are seeing a significant increase in the awareness of telemedicine being used currently because of the need for social distancing. Right now Kinex is happy to be supporting the efforts for 617 patients who are currently recovering from a knee surgery utilizing our home therapy platform. We're proud that while patients are being restricted from attending post-op appointments, physical therapy, and other services, we are still actively monitoring and guiding rehabilitation as well as reporting concerns and success back to their prescribing physicians.

With KinexCONNECT, patients can remain safe at home without sacrificing their post-op rehab outcomes.

KinexCONNECT Patient

KinexCONNECT is currently available nationwide. To learn more about arming your clinics with our intuitive TKR Home Rehabilitation System, and to schedule an in-person demo session, please contact us at (214) 770-9861. Learn More Here!